SIDS Survival Guide

sids_survival_guidel_63x100.jpgSIDS and Infant Death Survival Guide: Information and Comfort for Grieving Family and Friends and Professionals Who Seek to Help Them. Fourth edition. 
Horchler JN, Rice R. 
Cheverly, MD: SIDS Educational Services. 2003. 320 p.
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This book, written by and for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and infant death survivors, addresses the issues facing family members, friends, and helping professionals who must deal with the death of an infant from SIDS. Chapter 1 provides the definition of SIDS and presents basic information about who is at risk, incidence, possible causes, and whether or not SIDS is avoidable. This chapter also includes an experts perspective on SIDS and other infant deaths by Rachel Y. Moon, and a personal account and political history of SIDS by C. Griffin Sheehan. Chapter 2 describes feelings and experiences SIDS parents commonly have in the first few weeks and months of grief. This chapter also includes poetry by bereaved parents and personal accounts written by parents of SIDS infants that describe the circumstances surrounding their infants' deaths and the aftermath. Chapter 3 contains writings that focus on anger and guilt, and chapter 4 presents poems and writings that ask God the questions “Why My Baby? Why Me?”  Chapters 5 through 8 present personal accounts, writings, and poems that address grief from the point of view of fathers, siblings, grandparents, and child care providers of SIDS infants. Chapters 9 through 18 address the following topics: how to be a friend to SIDS parents and other survivors; planning the funeral and the role of the clergy; learning to live again; surviving anniversaries and holidays; the benefits of contact with other SIDS parents; the role of public health nurses and grief counselors; guidelines for emergency medical responders; interviews with a paramedic and two homicide detectives; an account of parents suspected of child abuse when twins died of SIDS; the role of the medical examiner in SIDS cases; subsequent children and the question of home monitoring; guilt and risk reduction; dreams and premonitions among SIDS parents; surviving and moving forward; and more stories, poems, and letters. A list of national and international organizations that provide counseling, research data, and grants on SIDS and related topics is appended.

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