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Special Discounts for SIDS Support Groups and SIDS Alliance Affiliates


Book sponsorships are available in the following amounts, all of which include shipping/handling and photo or non-photo labels for each book. For one book, send a $20 donation for book-rate mailing and a $21 donation for priority shipping. Send a $50 donation for three books or a $75 donation for 5 books. Send $100 for 8 books; $500 for 48 books; or $1,000 for 100 books. All prices include shipping, handling and custom-made labels for each book. Books are generally sent via UPS ground so they can be tracked, but special arrangements can be made by calling Joani Horchler, executive director of SIDS-ES, at 301-322-2620; by faxing her at 301-322-9822; or by e-mailing her at (Book sponsorship donations made to SIDS-ES by individuals or companies are tax-deductible. These donations can be made in memory of a particular baby to a particular support group, and photo labels or non-photo labels are included in the sponsorship amount.) If your organization is looking for a way to finance the acquisition of SIDS & INFANT DEATH SURVIVAL GUIDE books, please note that the CJ Foundation for SIDS and other organizations have made grants to many SIDS support organizations to buy multiple copies of the book to give away to newly-bereaved families or to donate to libraries, hospitals, emergency responders, etc.

Click here to access an order form; print this and then mail or fax. See instructions on the form.

VISA and MasterCard are accepted, as are money orders and checks made out to SIDS-ES. The mailing address is PO Box 2426, Hyattsville, MD 20784-0426.

Many state SIDS organizations and SIDS Alliance affiliates buy the book at the above prices. (Example: 100 books at the $1,000 price, which amounts to almost a 45% discount off the list price of the book when you consider that shipping/handling is included) and then give away the book to each newly-bereaved family in the state or area they serve. Many organizations include the book with a packet of information that they send to each bereaved family.

Many organizations now send only the book, not a packet, to each newly-bereaved family and have discovered substantial cost savings since the average packet costs $15 or more to put together while the book generally costs about $10 or less after discounts.

Several organizations have noticed that newly-bereaved families appreciate receiving a comprehensive yet compact book more than a packet of brochures and photocopied materials. And some say that they receive more memorial donations from families when they give away a book rather than a packet or when they give away a book along with a packet. People tend to be impressed that they are given a book that has a $16.95 list price (though the SIDS group has usually paid 25%-50% less less for each book depending on how big the quantity purchased).

SIDS Alliance affiliates through their business loop and other SIDS support groups can band together to get even greater discounts if they purchase collectively more than 100 books. For example, if 200 or more books are individually or collectively purchased, a 50% discount is given. The price of each book goes down to $8.50, including shipping and handling. Call Joani Horchler at 301-322-2620; fax her at 301-322-9822; or e-mail her at for more information


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